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Can Adults Get Braces?

Posted on January 06, 2022

So throughout childhood, you were embarrassed with your smile. Your family didn’t have the money or the access to orthodontic care. Now you are an adult. You are concerned about your overall health and your appearance. Your malaligned smile, you feel, is holding you back from business and social success. On top of that, your hygienist told you that the crowded teeth are trapping too much food and causing your gums to become inflamed. What to do? Modern, cosmetic dentistry can offer simple, easy, non-invasive solutions to your dental concerns. Adult Orthodontics, Invisalign Braces is the answer. In the hands of our renowned Invisalign expert, Dr. Benjamin Ahn, the seemingly complex cases evolve into the most beautiful smiles.

Adult orthodontic treatment is not only for preteens and teenagers. There are more than one million adults in the U.S. undergoing this type of care. And the trend is going up.

Options For Orthodontic Care

  • Traditional metal braces: Are effective, look like railroad tracks
  • Lingual behind the tooth braces: More cosmetic and more expensive but can be used in only a  limited number of cases. 
  • Porcelain braces: The braces are less obtrusive. 
  • Invisalign Clear Retainers: The state of the art method for correcting adult malocclusions. they are completely invisible, do not affect speech, and must be worn 22 hours per day.  Trays are taken out for eating and brushing.

More Than Cosmetics

  •   Orthodontic work promotes the health of teeth, gums, and jawbones. 
  •   It corrects overcrowding and subsequent trapping of food, thus preventing cavities and periodontal disease. 
  •   Orthodontic work helps to correct TMJ problems
  •   It distributes occlusal forces (when biting and chewing) evenly over all the teeth. 
  •   It re-establishes the patient’s profile, midline, and vertical dimensions.
  •   Improves overall health by allowing more efficient digestion of food and preventing infections from occurring in the mouth. 

Adult Braces Promote Emotional Confidence

  • “Smile and the whole world smiles back at you.”
  • Beautiful, harmonious smiles promote confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Folks with straight teeth are perceived as being smarter, more successful, and more attractive. 
  • An attractive smile helps in career building and personal relationships.
  • First impressions are important, especially on Zoom interviews. 


  • The only tangible reason for not having Invisalign Therapy is the expense. 
  •  In general, our fee is $5,950 for a full case (fees may vary depending upon the ease or difficulty of the case). 
  •  Many PPO dental plans will have partial coverage for this treatment. 
  •  At 209 NYC Dental affordable payments plans are established to really make this a “painless” process. 

Adult Orthodontics Is Not Forever

  • Depending on the severity, most cases are completed in around one year.
  • The time of treatment is similar to that of children. It doesn’t take longer because you are an adult.
  • The out-of-pocket expense vs. the long-term health and cosmetic benefits becomes negligible.
  • Vivera retainer is included in our fee.

Prerequisites For Adult Braces

  • Strong teeth, gums, and jaw bone is a must. 
  • All oral pathology must be eliminated before treatment starts (i.e. cavities, gum disease). 
  • Some misalignments are complex, they may require oral surgery before treatment. 
  • Treatment may include a multi-specialty approach (as exists at 209 NYC Dental) I.e. fillings, Root Canals, Crowns, Extractions, Gum treatments. 

Why Some Adults Say No

  • Physical and social inconvenience
  • Lifestyle and diet changes:  Change is transitory and a small price to pay for a lifetime of healthy, attractive smiles. 

Adult Braces at 209 NYC Dental

At 209 NYC Dental under the exquisite care of Dr. Benjamin Ahn, voted top 1% and Elite Invisalign Provider nationally, adult orthodontics via clear aligners becomes a predictable, pleasant, and easy procedure. Come in and have a consultation ($50) which will be applied towards your treatment.

About Dr. Benjamin Ahn

Meet Dr. Benjamin Ahn, a top-rated general, and cosmetic dentist and one of the best Invisalign dentist practicing at 209 NYC Dental, a multi-specialty dental practice in Midtown East Manhattan.

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