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Can Adults Get Braces?

Posted on November 03, 2022

Dental issues are common, and many adults experienced some embarrassment about their smiles as children. Many families do not have access to good orthodontic care, leaving adults with teeth that might affect their health and appearance. You might feel as though your smile is holding you back from business and social success. On top of that, your hygienist may have told you that your crowded teeth are trapping too much food and causing your gums to become inflamed. Misaligned teeth can cause physical and emotional discomfort, making them a point of concern for many adults.

While many people might think braces have an age limit, anyone can get their smile corrected, regardless of their age. Modern cosmetic dentistry can offer simple, noninvasive solutions for your dental concerns, including adult orthodontics and Invisalign braces. In the hands of our renowned Invisalign expert, Dr. Benjamin Ahn, even the most complex cases evolve into beautiful smiles.

Are braces just for kids? Around one in four people with orthodontics is an adult. This number continues to rise as adults increasingly become aware of the benefits of braces. Here, we will explore braces for adults and how you can improve your smile with quality orthodontics today.

More Than Cosmetics

Though you may think orthodontics are only for looks, they are essential to mouth health and pain relief. Braces straighten teeth and create better-looking smiles, but they also improve your quality of life.

Orthodontic work promotes the health of teeth, gums, and jawbones. It corrects overcrowding and subsequent trapping of food, thus preventing cavities and periodontal disease. Misaligned teeth make it easier for food to get stuck, allowing bacteria to proliferate and leading to painful tooth loss, decay, and cavities. Getting adult braces improves overall health by allowing more efficient digestion of food and preventing infections from occurring in the mouth.

Along with cavity and disease prevention, orthodontic work helps correct temporomandibular disorders and other jaw issues. Orthodontic technology distributes occlusal forces — when biting and chewing — evenly over all the teeth. Additionally, it re-establishes your profile, midline, and vertical dimensions. Braces improve your overall appearance and provide you with better dimensions for chewing, talking, and avoiding pain.

Promote Emotional Well-Being

While having misaligned teeth is not the end of the world, it can make you less confident. You might have some insecurities around your smile that you could easily fix with adult braces. There are many upsides to getting corrective orthodontics, and self-esteem is chief among them.

While better health is an excellent reason to do anything, we are often motivated by how something makes us feel. We unconsciously associate straight teeth with wealth, health, and attractiveness. They can make you stand out and might give you a leg up in your personal and professional life. An attractive smile can help you with career-building and personal relationships. It can add something extra to your first impressions, providing an advantage right out of the gate.

Most importantly, a corrected smile can help you feel more self-assured. The more confident you feel, the more your attitude, posture, and personality will reflect that. When you believe in yourself, other people notice and respond — they will pick up on your good energy and reflect it at you.

You Can Afford It

While children do not have the means to afford orthodontics on their own, as adults, we can pay for essential treatments. This freedom allows you to finally get the help you need and can significantly improve your life.

Many children are not eligible for options like Invisalign therapy due to the expense. However, adults are often in better financial positions that allow them to take control of their oral health. We will work with you to help you get the orthodontic care you need. Our fee is usually around $5,950 for a full case, though your cost may vary.

This fee is affordable for many adults, and many PPO dental plans provide partial coverage for this treatment. Additionally, at 209 NYC Dental, we have affordable payment plans to assist our clients in getting the best care possible for their teeth.

Adult Braces Are Not Forever

While getting braces can seem like a long-term, permanent solution, it takes less time than you may assume. Many patients only have their braces for a short while, especially if there is minimal work needed. Depending on the severity, most cases only take one year. Treatment time is similar to that of children — it does not take longer because you are an adult.

Adult Braces Are Not Forever

While a year of braces might seem like a lot of time, it is a small sacrifice for getting your dream smile. Additionally, the out-of-pocket expense is almost negligible compared to the long-term health and cosmetic benefits. We also offer some special extras as thanks for working with our team — for example, we include a Vivera retainer in our fee. We want you to get a healthy, attractive smile without difficulty so you can enjoy your life.

Why Some Adults Say No

Braces can be an excellent way to straighten adult teeth, but they are not for everyone. Various drawbacks and obstacles might make braces less desirable for some adults. Some potential issues accompany adult braces, though technological advances have lessened the effects of many of these problems.

  • Physical and social inconveniences: Many adults struggle with the idea of braces. Their association with children might make people hesitant to try them. Some adults are afraid of what strangers and peers will say about their braces. The self-esteem issues can be challenging to overcome, but many options — like Invisalign — are mostly invisible for adults to try.
  • Lifestyle and diet changes:  As an adult, you have routines and commitments to keep up with. Adding braces into the equation can disrupt your life. For instance, you will need to make some dietary and lifestyle adjustments to protect your braces and teeth from damage. However, you should remember that braces are temporary, and most people adjust to these changes fairly quickly. These short-term inconveniences are a small price to pay for a lifetime of healthy, attractive smiles.

Prerequisites for Adult Braces

As with all medical care, you must meet some conditions to qualify for braces. These protect you from pain and help improve your chances of orthodontic success.

Since braces permanently adjust your tooth position, you must have strong teeth, gums, and jawbones. Additionally, you cannot have any outstanding oral pathology like cavities or gum disease before starting treatment. Starting with a clean slate ensures less risk of damage from the outset.

The more involved your needs are, the more work you will need to have done. Some misalignments are complex and may require oral surgery before treatment. This treatment may include a multi-specialty approach — as exists at 209 NYC Dental — including fillings, root canals, crowns, extractions, and gum treatments. Our team will go over your needs and work with you to find the best treatment plan for your teeth.

Options for Adult Orthodontic Care

While traditional braces are common for children, many adults look for other ways to avoid having visible orthodontics. You can talk to your doctor and insurance company about your available choices to find the best solution for you. Invisalign is the leading adult braces option offered by 209 NYC Dental, but you have other ways to correct adult teeth.

Here are some of your adult braces options. The best fit will depend on your budget, needs and aesthetic preferences.

  • Traditional metal braces: These are your standard braces. They are effective, but their metal railroad-track appearance makes them less popular for many working professionals. If looks are a concern for you, you might want a different option.
  • Lingual braces: These sit behind the tooth instead of in front like regular braces. They are less visible than conventional braces, which makes them more appealing for some adults. However, they are more expensive and only apply in limited cases.
  • Porcelain braces: Porcelain braces have brackets made of porcelain instead of metal. They are less obtrusive, though you can still see the archwire. Archwires can come in other materials that closely match porcelain’s color, so the braces will not be as noticeable. Porcelain is not as strong as metal, so you will have to take extra care to maintain your porcelain braces.
  • Invisalign clear retainers: These are the state-of-the-art method for correcting adult malocclusions. They are completely invisible, do not affect speech, and require you to wear them for 22 hours a day. You will take out Invisalign retainer trays for eating and brushing, making them extra convenient. Not everyone will qualify for Invisalign retainers, but they are one of the best orthodontic options for adults.

Adult Braces at 209 NYC Dental

At 209 NYC Dental, under the exquisite care of Dr. Benjamin Ahn — voted top 1% and Elite Invisalign Provider nationally — adult orthodontics via clear aligners becomes a predictable, pleasant and easy procedure. Come in for a $50 consultation. If you choose to use our services, you can apply your consultation fee toward your treatment. Choose 209 NYC Dental for your orthodontic needs and get your clear adult braces today!

Adult Braces at 209 NYC Dental

About Dr. Benjamin Ahn

Meet Dr. Benjamin Ahn, a top-rated general, and cosmetic dentist and one of the best Invisalign dentist practicing at 209 NYC Dental, a multi-specialty dental practice in Midtown East Manhattan.

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