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Implant Crowns & Bridges

Implant Crowns & Implant Bridges Specialist in New York

In the past when the only way to restore missing teeth was a dental bridge or a removable denture nowadays the options are numerous. Dental implant with implant crown, implant bridge, and implant supported denture are great alternatives to traditional restorations.

209 NYC Dental offers all of the treatment options to our patients. With implant specialist, Dr. Jin Wang, and skilled restorative dentists, we provide the entire treatment from extraction to implant placement to the restoration of dental implants with beautiful dental implant crowns, implant bridges, and implant dentures.

If you have missing teeth book a Consultation with Dr. Jin Wang or with one of our restorative dentists if implants were already placed. We offer a Free Consultation with a restorative dentist. Evaluation with our periodontist and implant specialist is $150. Amount paid for the evaluation will be applied toward the treatment.  We are looking forward to seeing you at 209 NYC Dental.

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NYC Dental Implant Crown & Bridge: Pros, Cons, Cost & Everything in Between

Since the first dental implant placement in a human in 1965 performed by Leonard Linkow, implant dentistry experienced incredible advancements, from restoring one missing tooth with an implant and dental implant crown to full mouth reconstruction with several implants and implant bridges or implant dentures.

What is dental implant crown or implant supported bridge?

Both dental implant crown and implant bridge are implant supported restorations. They are used to replace missing teeth or teeth needing extractions. Dental implant and implant crown are used to replace a single missing tooth. A span of several teeth (3 to 12) can be replaced with an implant supported bridge. The number of implants required to support such implant bridge will depend on the number of missing teeth and the length of the implant supported bridge. If there are no teeth a full mouth reconstruction can be easily achieved with dental implant bridges or implant supported dentures.

There are several parts to implant supported restorations:
A dental implant as we all know is required to support the restoration, whether it is a crown or a bridge.
Implant abutment is the middle part that connects the implant and an implant crown or the fixed implant bridge.
Restoration is the final part; it can be a crown or a bridge.

Dental implant crown connected to the dental implant by an abutment

Implant crown types

There are two types of dental implant crowns – screw retained implant crowns and cement retained dental implant crowns.

Screw retained implant crowns

Screw retained implant crowns

As the name describes, a screw secures dental implant crown to the implant abutment. The crown has a small opening to give access to the screw. The dentist will close the opening with a matching bonding material.
The benefit of the screw retained implant crowns, and implant bridges that it gives easy access to the dentist to retrieve the implant crown or implant bridge without any damage in case of the implant abutment getting loose. This condition can happen due to strong bite. Dentists recommend screw retained implant bridges when a large span of teeth is being replaced.

Cement retained implant crowns

Cement retained implant crowns have all the same parts. The difference between two types is that the latter one is cemented onto to the implant abutment. This crown will not have an opening. The disadvantage of such retention is if the crown gets loose and permanent cement was used to secure it, the dentist will have difficulty removing the crown without making a hole in it. That is why cement retention is not recommended for a large dental implant bridge.

Bridge vs. implant crown or implant bridge

Bridge vs. implant crown or implant bridge

In most of the cases, the traditional bridges and implant supported bridges are no longer alternatives to each other.
The goal of any dentist is to preserve the health of the teeth and gums. Dental implants restored with dental implant crowns or implant bridges give dentists a way to restore missing teeth without compromising any healthy teeth and securing bone levels by placing implants. In dental implants article, we describe and compare in detail all prosthetic options with its pros and cons.

When is it appropriate to place a traditional bridge vs implant bridge?

There several scenarios when it is proper to replace missing teeth with a dental bridge vs implant bridge or dental implant crown:

  • The old bridge that has to be replaced – if the bone is not compromised, replacing old bridge with the new one is a cost effect and appropriate treatment.
  • The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth are badly decayed and require a crown – since the adjacent teeth require full coverage restorations to maintain their health and longevity it is appropriate to replace missing teeth or tooth with a traditional dental bridge vs implant bridge or a dental implant crown.


Dental implant bridges and implant crown cost in NYC

Implant restorations do come with a price tag. Each part of the dental implant and implant restoration, including an abutment, has a fee. The final cost of the restoration depends on several factors like the bone health, the number of implants and quantity of implant crowns required. When considering the pros and cons of implant bridges and implant crowns vs. bridges and dentures, consider the longevity of each type of the restoration, comfort, and aesthetics.

209 NYC Dental offers flexible payment options to our implants patients from credit cards to payment plans. See Patient Information for details.

209 NYC Dental is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan and open 7 days a week, providing our patients with additional flexibility when scheduling. With over 20 years of experience, we have expanded into a multi-specialty practice with the ability to aid you with any dental issue, all in one location.

If you are interested to learn more or would like to know what your options are to replace missing teeth, schedule a consultation today with our implant specialist, Dr. Jin Wang and take advantage of a Complementary teeth whitening with treatment over $2,500. We offer a Free Consultation with a restorative dentist. Evaluation with our periodontist and implant specialist is $150. Amount paid for the evaluation will be applied toward your treatment.

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This is a wonderful dental office with very professional and friendly staff and up to date technology. They took me at a very short notice when I needed emergency dental work, they were so nice and accommodating. The office itself is bright and modern, all staff are welcoming! All doctors are absolutely fantastic! The best part is that they have all Dental specialists at that office, so they’ll be able to help you with any dental issue without you leaving the office. I highly recommend 209 NYC Dental!
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