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Restoring your missing teeth can give you the smile makeover you desire. In the past, dental patients had only two options for new teeth — dental bridges and dentures. Today, you can select from more efficient and effective dental implant options that include implant bridges and implant-supported crowns.

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209 NYC Dental offers implant crowns and bridges in Manhattan for all of our patients. Our skilled restorative dentists and Dr. Jin Wang, our implant specialist, provide exceptional care from the extraction of the existing tooth to the implant placement and the implantation of the dental implants, bridges, or dentures. Your teeth will look natural when you replace damaged teeth using our advanced technology.

We encourage you to book your consultation with Dr. Wang today, or you can schedule an appointment with one of our restorative dentists if you already have implants and would like to get them replaced. We provide free consultations with our restorative dentists. You will pay $150 for an evaluation with our implant specialist or periodontist. That payment will be applied to your treatment when it begins. We know you will love your new smile when you use our services.

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The Benefits of Dental Implant Crowns

Leonard Linkow performed the first dental implant on a human in 1965. We have certainly learned a great deal since that time. Dr. Linkow replaced one tooth, and now we can reconstruct your smile entirely by using multiple implants as well as implant bridges or dentures. Our patients know we provide natural-looking dental fillings that replace damaged teeth to help your mouth look and function better.

What Is a Dental Implant Crown or Implant-Supported Bridge?

Implant crowns and implant bridges are supported by implants inserted into your mouth to take the place of missing teeth. The implant looks like a screw. We insert it into your jaw for deep support. A dental crown covers the implant.

Patients who require the replacement of several teeth may be candidates for implant-supported bridges. The bridge can support three to 12 teeth, depending on how long it is.

Full-mouth reconstruction may be necessary when the patient lacks any teeth at all. We can restore the teeth using implant-supported dentures. Our implants look entirely natural, and no one will suspect your teeth are not the ones you were born with.

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Parts of Implant-Supported Restorations

Implant-supported restorations have three main parts:

  • Dental implant: The screw that supports the restoration, which may be a crown or bridge.
  • Implant abutment: The middle of the implant, which connects the screw and the implant crown or fixed implant bridge.
  • Restoration: Either the crown or part of the bridge that finishes the implant and looks like a tooth.

Dental implant crown connected to the dental implant by an abutment

Implant Crown Types

209 NYC Dental offers two types of dental implant crowns. Both offer advantages to patients.

Screw-retained implant crowns

The first type is a screw-retained implant crown. The screw fastens the dental implant abutment to the implant crown, which has a tiny opening. The dentist closes the opening using a matching bonding material.

The greatest benefit of a screw-retained implant crown and implant bridge is that if an implant abutment becomes loose, the dentist can retrieve the implant crown or implant bridge without causing any damage. In cases where many teeth must be replaced, dentists recommend using screw-retained implant bridges.

Screw retained implant crowns

Cement-retained implant crowns

The parts for cement-retained implant crowns are the same as screw-retained implant crowns. They differ in that cement is used to secure the cement-retained implant crowns onto the implant abutment. There is no opening on this type of crown. Dentists may face difficulty removing the crown if it becomes loose and may need to make a hole in it.

In a case where a patient needs a large dental implant bridge, cement-retained implant crowns are not recommended by dentists.

Bridge vs. implant crown or implant bridge

You have several prosthetic options, which all have pros and cons. Our goal at 209 NYC Dental is to maintain the health of your teeth and gums while preserving as much of them as possible. Dentists who use dental implant crowns or implant bridges can accomplish this aim. You even secure bone levels by opting to get an implant.

Bridge vs. implant crown or implant bridge

When is it appropriate to place a traditional bridge vs. an implant bridge?

You may encounter two main scenarios when the dentist will recommend replacing your missing teeth with a dental bridge vs. an implant bridge or dental implant crown:

  • Replacing an old bridge: It is cost-effective to replace an old traditional bridge with a new one. If the bone has been compromised, however, your dentist may recommend a different treatment.
  • Decaying teeth adjacent to the missing tooth: When the missing tooth is surrounded by teeth compromised enough that they necessitate a crown, your dentist may recommend replacing the missing teeth with a traditional dental bridge instead of opting for an implant bridge or crown.

How much do dental implant bridges and implant crowns cost in Manhattan?

Dental implant restorations include a fee for each part of the work we perform, which includes the implant, implant restoration, and abutment. Many variables inform the final price, including:

  • Bone health.
  • Number of implants received.
  • Number of implant crowns required.

We support the right of each patient to select their solution based on the comfort, aesthetics, and price of the restoration. You will find the cost varies between implant crowns, bridges, and dentures as well. You should also weigh how long each type of treatment will last. Implants display impressive longevity, balancing out the higher cost.

We offer flexible payment options, including generous payment plans. Our Patient Information page includes more details.

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209 NYC Dental is a multi-specialty practice with more than 20 years of experience. We can aid you with all of your dental issues in one location. We offer flexible scheduling. Our Midtown Manhattan office is open seven days a week.

Would you like to learn more about replacing your missing teeth? We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jin Wang or inquire about our free consultations with a restorative dentist. We also provide complimentary teeth whitening to patients who get treatments for more than $2,500. We look forward to meeting you and helping you with all your dental care needs.

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Dr. Ben Ifraimov is a top cosmetic and restorative dentist in New York City, providing the highest caliber of care for his patients at 209 NYC Dental in the Midtown East neighborhood of Manhattan. Dr. Ifraimov has extensive training in all areas of dentistry, providing the most advanced treatments for an array of oral health issues, including implant restorations, crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers and onlays, cosmetic bonding and Zoom whitening, as well as routine cleaning and examination, gum disease care and treatment, and treatment of dental emergencies.


I've been going to 209 dental for years. I now live in Long Island and still make the trip out for my appointments. Dr's Ahn and Kafko are very caring individuals. Best dental experience ever!
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I've been going to 209 dental for years. I now live in Long Island and still make the trip out for my appointments. Dr's Ahn and Kafko are very caring individuals. Best dental experience ever!
Anna G.


This is a wonderful dental office with very professional and friendly staff and up to date technology. They took me at a very short notice when I needed emergency dental work, they were so nice and accommodating. The office itself is bright and modern, all staff are welcoming! All doctors are absolutely fantastic! The best part is that they have all Dental specialists at that office, so they’ll be able to help you with any dental issue without you leaving the office. I highly recommend 209 NYC Dental!
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