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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers NYC

Cosmetic dentistry restores your smile with beautiful options for improving your teeth. Our cosmetic dentists can give you the smile makeover you have always dreamed of with porcelain veneers applied in our Manhattan office by our top-rated cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ben Ifraimov.

He provides expertise to a range of patients and specializes in the porcelain veneer procedure. Patients travel from all over the tri-state area, including Manhattan and elsewhere in New York City, to seek the expertise of Dr. Ifraimov. He draws on his many years of experience to offer treatment that improves your smile. With his calm and steady demeanor, patients find their experiences with Dr. Ifraimov reassuring and the treatments easy.

You can learn more about porcelain veneers by looking at our before and after pictures, which illustrate the incredible difference this treatment can make. They give our patients a perfect smile. Take advantage of our free consultation offer and schedule your appointment today with Dr. Ifraimov.

Dr. Ben Imframov does great work. I needed veneers on my front teeth. He said I could get 8 on the top, so they all match or just do the 4 fronts. He recommended just getting the 4 in the front done. So he recommended the cheaper option. Surprisingly! He did the work in a couple visits and it came out great! Very Happy! He has before and after shots to prove his work also. – P.M. – Google review

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What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers cover the front of your teeth, which people see when you smile, to improve the appearance of your mouth. Your teeth will look whiter, brighter, and straighter with porcelain veneers, which hide your imperfections. The veneer is a thin sheet of porcelain colored to match your tooth. The veneer adheres to the front surface of the tooth with the use of a specialized cement. They hide:

  • Cracks.
  • Uneven edges.
  • Stains and discolorations.
  • Gaps between the teeth.
  • Chips.

Veneers can even obscure malposed or rotated teeth.

The Porcelain Veneers Process

When you obtain porcelain veneers at our office in New York, you will need to plan for two veneer treatments. During your first visit, we will remove a small part of your natural tooth material, making room for the veneer. Though veneers measure only 1.5mm in thickness, they require enough space on the surface of the tooth. Shaving away natural material ensures the veneer does not overlap onto the teeth to the left and right.

Next, we generate an impression of your teeth, which a lab will use to create your custom porcelain veneers. Every mouth has a different shape and teeth are slightly different, so every set of veneers receives custom production. At our office, we employ 3D digital technology to create imaging for the lab. Our patients find this much more comfortable than impressions. The specialist who makes your porcelain veneers is a master porcelain veneer technician who has received nationwide recognition. He and Dr. Ben Ifraimov, our cosmetic dentist, are a fantastic team.

While you are waiting for your permanent veneer, we can place a temporary veneer on your tooth, which will protect it until the real one comes. During your second visit, we remove the temporary veneer and adhere the custom-made permanent veneer to your tooth surface with a strong bonding agent. Before you leave, we will buff your veneer surface to give it an entirely natural appearance.

Composite vs. Porcelain Veneers

While you can also opt for composite veneers vs. porcelain, we recommend choosing porcelain if you are serious about transforming your smile.

Composite bonding has several limitations. The porous material can change color over time, graying or yellowing, and it stains easily. Patients who enjoy coffee, tea, or red wine may see their composite veneers change color even more quickly. Porcelain veneers, in contrast, maintain their color and are made from a material that is not as porous or prone to staining.

The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

You will experience an immediate rise in self-esteem when you finish the veneer process at our office. Our patients enjoy greater self-confidence and smile more when they feel proud of their beautiful teeth. Patients have told us about the many positive changes in their lives sparked by their veneer smile makeover. Some have received promotions at work while others began working out or eating healthy foods to maintain that great feeling. As dentists, we feel proud during these moments of transformation.

You can learn more about our Smile Makeover service to see all your options for enhancing your smile, including veneers. Our Before & After Gallery shows you how veneers can change the entire appearance of your mouth. We would love to help you feel more confident and attractive with our dental veneers.

209 NYC Dental offers flexible scheduling for our busy patients. We stay open seven days a week, and our conveniently located office in Midtown Manhattan provides easy accessibility. As a multi-specialty practice with more than 20 years of experience, we can assist you with any dental issue in this single location. Schedule your appointment with us today.

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Author: Dr. Ben Ifraimov

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With over 1000 reviews from all over the web with an average rating of 4.9 we are proud to be in the Manhattan Dental Elite.

This is a wonderful dental office with very professional and friendly staff and up to date technology. They took me at a very short notice when I needed emergency dental work, they were so nice and accommodating. The office itself is bright and modern, all staff are welcoming! All doctors are absolutely fantastic! The best part is that they have all Dental specialists at that office, so they’ll be able to help you with any dental issue without you leaving the office. I highly recommend 209 NYC Dental!
Masha K


This is the first dental practice I look forward to going to. The front desk staff, hygienists and dentists are some of the friendliest and best in Manhattan. I always look forward to my teeth cleanings and if I need work done, I know I'm in great care. Also, Dr. Ahh did my Invisalign and I've never been more proud to smile!
Erin S.


Oxanna is the absolute best hands down best cleaning ever!!! Dr Wang and Laura are simply amazing! I would never go anywhere else this place is top-of-the-line
Melissa P.


I've been going to 209 dental for years. I now live in Long Island and still make the trip out for my appointments. Dr's Ahn and Kafko are very caring individuals. Best dental experience ever!
Anna G.


The best experience at the dental office. Extremely professional.
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