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Take A Bite Out Of Life In Manhattan!

If you live in New York City and are looking to restore your missing teeth, consider seeing the dentists at 209 NYC Dental.

With decades of experience from restoring or replacing teeth, to full mouth rehabilitation, our hundreds of reviews from happy patients make us one of the best dental offices in the NYC area.

Your snap-on dentures will be carefully crafted using premium materials to reach a comfortable fit and offer an attractive, natural look. With modern equipment, serene settings, skilled implant doctors and restorative dentists, and an experienced lab technician all under one roof, you will get the treatment you deserve.

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Implant Dentures at 209 NYC Dental

What are All-on-4 Implant Dentures?

The all-on-4 procedure involved embedding 4 anchor points into the gums to provide support to a full denture. These dentures are also called snap-in dentures, implant-supported dentures, permanent dentures, denture implants, all-on-8, all-on-4, and full denture implants.

All-on-4 implants are complete rows of upper or lower teeth replacements. The implanted teeth look natural and feel just like your real teeth.

Implant Denture Procedure

Just like other implant-supported restorations, getting an implant denture is a two-phase process:

Step 1: Placement of four dental implants into the jaw.

Performed by: Dr. Jin Wang, our implant specialist.
What to expect: During the procedure, Dr. Wang will install a total of four implants and secure a false tooth over each titanium screw. You will be completely comfortable under routinely monitored anesthesia during your surgery.

Step 2: Placement of the false teeth and new permanent denture

Performed by: Dr. Ben Ifraimov, our cosmetic dentistry expert.
What to expect: Dr. Ifraimov will attach a permanent denture at the anchor points so your smile is seamless

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implant all on 4 dentures

All-on-4 Dental Implant Options

There are two types available of Implant Supported Dentures today.

1. Bar Retained

For the Bar Retained or overdenture implant option, your doctor follows the contours of the jaw with a thin metal bar. The doctor then attaches the bar to the implants. Once the bar has been placed, attachments or clips on the actual denture are engaged to lock the two pieces together.

2. Ball Retained

The largest difference between the Bar Retained option and the Ball Retained option is the mechanism used to attach the denture. This option is named for the ball-shaped attachment connected to the implants. The ball attachment is secured and locked into a socket on the denture implants.

This is the most popular option and is preferred among many clients. You will want to discuss your options for the types of dentures with one of our excellent dentists to help you make the right decision for you.

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Implant Dentures vs. Dentures

The thought of getting dental implants can be daunting for many patients because of the surgery requirement. The dentists at 209 NYC Dental understand the challenges of medical anxiety, which is why we offer a consultation with our restorative dentists to help guide you to the decision that is best for you.

Another option for replacing natural teeth is getting regular dentures without implants. If you get full or partial dentures, you will have to hold them in place with an adhesive and clean them separately from your usual dental hygiene routine. You can remove impermanent dentures at your leisure, and you can wear them without having to get implants installed.

The Pros and Cons of Implant Dentures

When you’re deciding on having dental implants installed, it’s important to consider how a removable denture may also cause discomfort like you may experience following implant placement. Patients who decide on implant-supported dentures as a treatment were mostly glad to accept the short-term discomfort while recovering from implant surgery, versus wearing dentures that slide and slip day after day.

Implant Dentures Pros and Cons

The pros of implant dentures

Easy eating and drinking

The number one reason so many patients choose the All-on-4 Dental Implants procedure is that they can once again eat like they used to. Most find that conventional dentures take away much of the enjoyment that they find in eating. The inadequate stability of removable dentures and full coverage of the upper palette detracts from the pleasure of eating.

Less slippage

With implant-supported dentures, there is no need for adhesive, and the dentures will stay in place without moving around.

Better aesthetics and higher self-confidence

A beautiful smile and the ability to speak well are crucial to your self-confidence. Full implant dentures return your confidence with more secure attachment and better aesthetics.

Easy speaking

The snug fit of the denture will guarantee proper speech and a natural smile.

Bone health

Bone health is an added benefit that patients obtain with implant-supported dentures.

Skipping the denture adhesive

You should also consider the lengthy effects of regular consumption of denture adhesive. Denture adhesives contain zinc, and according to the FDA, too much zinc in the body can lead to health problems such as nerve damage.

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Implant Dentures Pros and Cons

The cons of implant dentures include

The recovery process

Nearly all surgical procedures do have some form of discomfort involved, but implant placement is a minor surgery. You can complete the surgery right in our dental office, while you listen to your favorite music and dream about a beautiful smile and that crunchy bagel. The recovery process from placing dental implants is short. Most patients can go back to work the next day and return to all normal activities, even sports, in a few days.

Risk of complications

Although rare, any surgery poses a risk of infection or complications. Your doctor will discuss the risks with you during your consultation.

The Cost of All-on-4 Dental Implants in NYC

If you lack health insurance, the average NYC cost of snap-in dentures with four implants and all attachments is $19,999.

The cost of the same treatment plan at 209 NYC Dental ranges from $15,000 to $18,000.

209 NYC Dental participates with most PPO insurances. If you have insurance that we participate in, the full cost of denture implants is determined by your dental insurance.

To help our patients, with the financial aspect of getting this procedure, we offer several payment options, including payment plans.

Insurance Options

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How to Find a Good Dentist for an Implant Procedure

Finding the best dentist will ensure the longevity of your implant dentures. Consider the following when choosing a dental practice that specializes in implant treatment:

  1. Any dental treatment starts with a good diagnosis. Thus make sure that the dental office you choose has proper diagnostic equipment like digital x-rays and panoramic machines.
  2. The implant dentist has to be able to evaluate and restore jaw bone in case of its deficiency by placing a bone graft.
  3. The skills of the implantologist and restorative dentist are crucial. Placing implants correctly, so biting pressure is spread throughout the denture versus in one spot, will guarantee that the bone surrounding the implants will remain healthy for decades and implants will continue to be uncompromised.
  4. It is best if the implant specialist and a restorative dentist work together because that will ensure treatment is coordinated and that the denture dentist has all the proper parts to restore the implants, since they are using the same implant system.
  5. When it comes to restoring missing teeth, it is best if the dentist’s office has a lab on-premises. With a lab technician available to assist the dentist and make the adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit. Incidents happen dentures get dropped and break. A lab technician in many cases may able to repair your dentures on the same day.
  6. If you are disabled, make sure that the dentist’s office is wheelchair accessible.

How to Care for All-on-4 Implants

Just like your teeth, implants and implant dentures will need to be cleaned daily. You will still need to come in for your regular adult check-ups to ensure the health of your bone and gums. Below are some ways you can care for your implants:

  • Brush your dentures regularly using a soft-bristled toothbrush at least twice each day.
  • Use dental floss between any gap spaces to clear out food particles, or use a water flosser to make flossing easier.
  • Inform your doctor if you notice any changes in your gumline. Some changes may be normal after the first two weeks your appliance is installed.

Choose 209 NYC Dental for Your Denture Implants

Eat, drink, and smile freely again with 209 NYC Dental’s All-in-4 Dental implants.

If you need a consultation with our Periodontist / Dental Implant Specialist the fee for the visit is $150. The fee includes consultation and a digital panoramic x-ray if needed. The credit of $150 will be applied towards periodontic or implant treatment upon the start of treatment.

209 NYC Dental is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan and open seven days a week, providing our patients with additional flexibility when scheduling. With over 20 years of experience, we have expanded into a multi-specialty practice with the ability to aid you with any dental issue, all in one location.

Book an appointment today to improve your smile and quality of life. Schedule your consultation for a denture implant procedure at NYC Dental today, or contact us for more information about our services.

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Author: Dr. Ben Ifraimov

About Dr. Ben Ifraimov

Dr. Ben Ifraimov is a top cosmetic and restorative dentist in New York City, providing the highest caliber of care for his patients at 209 NYC Dental in the Midtown East neighborhood of Manhattan. Dr. Ifraimov has extensive training in all areas of dentistry, providing the most advanced treatments for an array of oral health issues, including implant restorations, crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers and onlays, cosmetic bonding and Zoom whitening, as well as routine cleaning and examination, gum disease care and treatment, and treatment of dental emergencies.


I've been going to 209 dental for years. I now live in Long Island and still make the trip out for my appointments. Dr's Ahn and Kafko are very caring individuals. Best dental experience ever!
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I've been going to 209 dental for years. I now live in Long Island and still make the trip out for my appointments. Dr's Ahn and Kafko are very caring individuals. Best dental experience ever!
Anna G.


This is a wonderful dental office with very professional and friendly staff and up to date technology. They took me at a very short notice when I needed emergency dental work, they were so nice and accommodating. The office itself is bright and modern, all staff are welcoming! All doctors are absolutely fantastic! The best part is that they have all Dental specialists at that office, so they’ll be able to help you with any dental issue without you leaving the office. I highly recommend 209 NYC Dental!
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Oxanna is the absolute best hands down best cleaning ever!!! Dr Wang and Laura are simply amazing! I would never go anywhere else this place is top-of-the-line
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The best experience at the dental office. Extremely professional.
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