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Can I take a Free Online Sleep Apnea Quiz?

– You can take a Free Online Sleep Apnea Assessment Quiz by clicking on the link below:

Free Online Sleep Apnea Quiz

If you would like to learn more about Sleep Apnea diagnosis, Sleep Apnea Test and how to treat Sleep Apnea, please check out our service page or book a Free Consultation.

What information do I need to provide to request an appointment online?

        Information that you need to provide us when you call or book an appointment online:

  • Full name and date of birth
  • Insurance information, including name of Insurance company, member ID number (in many cases it’s the social security) and group number
  • If you are insured through your spouse or parent, please provide their full name and date of birth
  • Please advise us with a reason for your appointment (dental cleaning, initial consultation, dental emergency, etc. )
  • Contact number to reach you to confirm your appointment and get any additional details

Why do you need my date of birth and insurance ID number?

As per insurance guidelines, in order to verify your insurance benefits, we need your full name (same as on insurance card) and date of birth. In addition we need your insurance ID number which in many cases it is your social security number.

Why do you need my spouse’s personal information if I am the patient?

 If your spouse or parent is a primary subscriber on insurance policy, we need that information to obtain and verify your insurance benefits

 Why do you need my phone number and email?

We need that information to contact you prior to appointment via text, email or phone call to confirm the appointment and get any additional details

Why do you need a reason for my visit?

Being multi specialist practice, we want to make sure you will be booked with correct specialist, depending on your dental needs at the moment

Do I need to come in earlier?

If you are the new patient, we recommend for you to arrive 15 min prior to your appointment 

What should i expect from initial consultation?

You will be greeted by a friendly member of our staff. We will ask for your name and time of your appointment. We will offer you water and will make you comfortable

Do I need to fill up any forms?

You will be expected to complete health history and new patient forms. All the forms are available online, we encourage our patients to fill them out prior to their first visit. You can find all forms on our  Patient Information page

Why do you need my health history?

Complete health history helps us identify health issues we should be aware of

Why do you need to take my X-rays?

You will be called in operatory room for diagnostic x-rays. X-ray images will give our dentists more information about your teeth. These X-rays are used to check for decaybetween the teeth, gum disease, infections and health of the bone, TMJ, sinus and other anatomical structures.

What is a dental cleaning?

Cleaning – Dental hygienist will clean your teeth and examine for signs of oral diseases such as gingivitis and will provide you with toothpaste and toothbrush recommendations,  nutrition care and explain to you importance of flossing.

What is a dental exam?

Exam – Dentist will perform initial exam and address any issues you are experiencing based on your exam and x-ray findings. Exam include your teeth and structures relating to your  mouth

What is treatment plan?

Treatment plan – Dentist will propose a treatment plan based on examination and dental and medical necessity. You will meet a treatment coordinator who will be working with you from  start to finish and will be available to answer all your questions, including insurance coverage and payment plan options.

Do I need to start with treatment right away?

You will proceed to scheduling your next appointment, if you are using insurance we will be sending prior-authorization to your company before any major treatment.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Picture ID
  • Dental and Medical insurance card
  • Form of payment- even if you are not planning start any major treatment, certain rules will apply to different insurance plan (deductible, co-pays)

How long dentist has been practicing?

We understand it is important to know more about your dentist and his professional experience.  Solely for that purpose we published full biographies of all our providers. Please visit Our Providers page 

Do you take my insurance plan?

We accept most PPO plans, for the full list of insurance companies please check Patient information and dental insurance page

Is there a fee for a consultation?

All well trained professional charge for their time. Our doctors making sure to provide enough time for each patient and answer all the possible questions. Our treatment and insurance  coordinators will make sure to analyze your insurance benefits and prepare payment options.If you decide to proceed with proposed treatment  within 6 months of the date of consultation, we will deduct the cost of the consultation from the professional fee of the procedure.

Do you accept DMO/HMO insurances, union plans?

Our general dentists do not accept DMO/HMO plans. Our Endodontist and Oral Surgeon accept Guardian DMO  only, with referral from primary dentist

Where are you located?

We are located in a heart of midtown Manhattan,  209 east 56th street between 2nd and 3rd ave

How do I get to your office?

Here is the Google map to our dental office. You can take 4,5,6, N,R,W, E, F, M trains here      

Is there a parking?

Currently there is no parking available

Can I use my FSA/HSA card?

Yes, we do accept FSA/HSA payments. However, not all co-pays maybe reimbursable by you HSA account. Thus please consult your account manger prior to considering to utilize it. You will require certain documentation to backup the expense. Our staff is knowledgeable in this aspect. They will provide you with all necessary documentation. 

Do you have an IV sedation for oral surgery treatment?

No, unfortunately, we do not provide IV sedation, our oral surgeon using local anesthesia

Does your endodontist have a microscope?

Yes our root canal specialist using Global dental microscope

Do you provide any payment arrangement options and how do I qualify for that?

We accept third-party financing CareCredit and we accept FSA/HSA (Flex/ Health Spending Benefits). In addition we offer interest-free Payment Plans on extended treatments.

If I get a tooth implant, can I pay little by little?

The payment plans apply on treatments that are extended over a period of time. Last payment has to be made on the last visit of the treatment, post-op visits are not considered as a treatment, but they are free of charge. In regards to implant & implant crown, the payment plan we can offer to the new patients is a pre-payment. In case if you change your mind any money collected by our office will be refunded in the form of a personal check.

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