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Do You Need Insurance to Get Preventative Dental Care?

Posted on August 14, 2020

If you need preventative dental care, insurance is crucial to keep those services affordable. Patients with dental insurance are more likely to schedule regular dental visits early and often. When you avoid preventative care, you may tend to ignore pain and might experience difficulty eating. Left untreated, these issues can have a significant impact on your health.

Do I Need Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance helps our patients afford treatments like Smile Makeover and dental implants. At 209 NYC Dental, we understand that some of our patients are uninsured, and we believe that dental care is important for everyone. Our team also knows that dental insurance is not the best option for all our patients. That’s why we offer flexible payment options like interest-free payment plans and third-party financing. These options can help cover some of the out-of-pocket costs of your dental procedures.

Some dental insurance providers restrict their coverage to dental issues that arise after your plan goes into effect. This means that you are responsible for the cost of treating existing problems. If you have preexisting conditions, it may be challenging to find comprehensive dental insurance coverage. In addition, you may wish to invest in insurance in case of emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. However, many providers limit the services they cover, so your plan may not apply to emergency costs.

Most plans require you to make payments for six months to a year before you receive your benefits and use your coverage. Many patients consider these early premiums as pre-paying for future services. Alternatively, you may consider a savings plan. Unlike dental insurance coverage, savings plans have no constraints on when you can use your funds. Some dentists even offer reduced rates for patients with savings plans, and patients with preexisting conditions are eligible.

Importance of Preventative Dental Care

Patients who practice good dental hygiene habits and have access to preventative dental care services experience better oral health. Examples of preventative dental care services from 209 NYC Dental include teeth cleanings, oral exams and routine x-rays. Regular preventative care allows your dentist to catch common problems early. Identifying and addressing small issues helps stop infections from spreading, allowing your dentist to fix problem areas before they worsen and cause further damage.

Untreated dental problems can have significant consequences on your overall health. Cardiovascular complications, respiratory issues and strokes can all be connected to poor dental health. By receiving routine preventative care, you reduce your risk of chronic conditions related to tooth decay. Preventative care can also help you avoid the need for more specialized procedures like dental implants.

Book an Appointment for Preventative Care at 209 NYC Dental

Our team of experienced and compassionate clinicians wants to help you improve your oral health. With regular dental care, you can save time, money and potential discomfort in the future. For more information about preventative dental care services at 209 NYC Dental, contact us online or call 212-355-2290.

About Dr. Steven Kafko

Guided by the belief that being a highly skilled specialist in a narrow field is better than being ordinary in everything Dr. Kafko has grown 209 NYC Dental into one of the leading NYC multi-specialty dental practices that it is today. Having extensive cross-specialty training with decades of experience, and strive to provide his patients with the most appropriate dental care Dr. Kafko succeeded in becoming an excellent diagnostic dentist. His skills to triage the most comprehensive dental treatment that a patient may require are highly appreciated by patients and his colleagues.

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