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Invisalign NYC

How Much Does Invisalign Cost in New York?

Find out everything you need to know about getting Invisalign in New York City. Learn step by step process, check out many amazing before and after pictures. Learn about one of the best VIP Invisalign providers in NYC.

Or take advantage of 209 NYC consultation with Diamond Plus Provider, Dr. Ben Ahn. Consultations are $50 and if you proceed with treatment, we will apply $50 towards your Invisalign treatment. He created many beautiful smiles with Invisalign in Midtown East dental practice, 209 NYC Dental.

I have been going to this practice for many years now. I have seen a few different dentists here and they are all terrific. The staff is helpful, friendly and on top of things. The office is very nice, recently remodeled. They do a great job. I am now doing Invisalign there and it’s going great. I highly recommend this office if you are looking for the excellent care and a nice, clean office with up to date equipment.

– Lisa A

Invisalign Consultation

Choosing Invisalign treatment is an important dental and financial decision. Thus, it is critical that you find the best doctor for you. 209 NYC dental offers Invisalign Braces consultation in Midtown Manhattan. It is a great way to learn about the Invisalign system, to have your smile evaluated, to meet the doctor and staff, and have all of your questions answered.

During your consultation, we will use the latest iTero 3D digital scanning system to develop fast, and precise 3D digital impression of your teeth. After the scan is completed, the simulation of your before and after results is available for you to see. Dr. Ahn will review your requirements, the length of the treatment to achieve desired results.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost in New York?

Invisalign and other types of invisible braces have become highly sought out treatment options in dental care among many adult patients. We all know the reasons why everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. Any type of braces is an investment in your health. It takes dedication and a sum of money to have it completed successfully. Thus, what is Invisalign cost in NYC is a very popular question.

In this article, we will talk about the average cost of Invisalign in New York City. Invisalign cost at 209 NYC Dental, our special. In addition, we will answer the questions about Invisalign cost with insurance and without. You can learn more about 209 NYC Invisalign treatment, check out our Invisalign Before & After pictures by browsing our website or by booking a consultation with Dr. Ahn.

Invisalign Braces Cost in NYC

The Invisalign cost depends upon location, the expertise of the provider, the length of the treatment, and complexity of the case. With the introduction of Invisalign Express and other limited treatment plans Invisalign cost in NYC now varies from $1,800 to $7,500.

Average Cost of Invisalign, Full Adult Treatment:

Invisalign cost NYC: $7,000

209 NYC Dental Invisalign cost:  $6,395

National average Invisalign cost: $5,500

What will you get?

  • Treatment with Top Invisalign Provider in NYC
  • $50 Consultation, $50 credit will be applied towards treatment upon the start of treatment
  • $6,395 cost of Full Invisalign treatment
  • Free Unlimited Refinements for Full Invisalign Case
  • Free Vivera Retainers (Top of the Line Retainers, manufactured by Invisalign)
  • Complimentary Teeth Whitening
  • 3D treatment with iTero vs the multitude of yucky full mouth impressions
  • 209 NYC Dental offers flexible payment options to our Invisalign patients, see below

209 NYC Invisalign Cost & Special

Invisalign cost NYC and 209 NYC Invisalign coupon special

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Invisalign Monthly Cost

209 NYC Dental offers affordable Invisalign monthly payments. The monthly cost will be determined on the above provisions, i.e. Invisalign insurance coverage; 3rd party or in-office financing, downpayment amount. Our experienced treatment coordinator will help you establish a comfortable payment plan.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost for Top Teeth Only?

Sometimes patients ask us if they can fix only their top teeth or only bottom teeth. Unfortunately, treatment only for the top or bottom teeth, called single arch treatment, is rarely possible or advisable.

The reason is that all structures in the mouth exist based on the opposing forces. For example, if there is a missing tooth then the tooth next to it or above it would start to shift to close the space. That is why doctors recommend a dental implant to replace missing teeth. Even a treatment like a filling or dental crown has to be done with precision. If you ever had one done, you might remember that the dentist would check your bite and make some adjustments to the restoration. The reason is that the new restoration maybe “high” thus it may interfere with your natural bite causing discomfort, soreness, and even headache. Same goes for single arch treatments.

It is crucial to one’s health to maintain a proper bite. When teeth are moving it means that the opposing teeth have to move along to support each other. If you strongly believe or were told by another doctor that you qualify for Invisalign only on top teeth or Invisalign only on the bottom teeth, please book a consultation for an evaluation with Dr. Ahn to discuss your treatment and its cost.

Invisalign Retainer Cost and Invisalign Replacement Retainer Cost

The average NYC cost for Invisalign Retainers is $750. Same goes for Invisalign retainer replacement cost. As part of our Invisalign special, we offer Free Invisalign Retainers.

To find out the cost of your treatment with Invisalign aligners, schedule a consultation with 209 NYC Invisalign specialist, Dr. Ahn. Book an online appointment or call the office.

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Does Insurance Cover Invisalign?

Is Invisalign covered by insurance? This is the first question that patients ask us after their Invisalign consultation with Dr. Ahn. It is understandable. We are happy to say that many dental PPO Plans through Cigna, Aetna, Guardian, Delta Dental insurance companies cover Invisalign as they would any other orthodontic treatment. Read below about the conditions & other limitations that may affect Invisalign cost with insurance.

Invisalign Insurance Coverage

Invisalign insurance coverage works the same way as with traditional braces. There are several provisions that may affect Invisalign insurance coverage. If you have orthodontic insurance coverage on your plan you are in luck because your Invisalign price becomes more affordable. 

How Do I Know if My Dental Insurance Covers Invisalign?

To find out if your insurance covers Invisalign you need to know the following:

  • Do you have orthodontic coverage?
  • Is there an age limit on your plan? Does the age limit affect you?
  • Did you use any of the orthodontic maximum before?
  • Does your plan provide out-of-network benefits since the doctor maybe out-of-network?

Orthodontic Life Time Maximum: Dental insurance that covers Invisalign may have an orthodontic lifetime maximum of $1,000, $1,500 or more. Lifetime maxim means that it does not recycle as your regular annual maximum at the beginning of the fiscal year. Once it is used there is no money left for additional treatment.

Age Limit: The insurance may have an age limit for ortho coverage. For example, insurance will cover Invisalign or other types of braces only up to the age of 19 or 26. Dental insurance that covers Invisalign for adults will not have such a provision.

Check your coverage details. Below are a few examples of what you may find.

Orthodontic Payment Policy: Another provision that will determine the cost of Invisalign after insurance is how your dental insurance pays? It varies from one insurance to another, from one plan to the next one how they pay for Invisalign. If your dental insurance covers Invisalign the payment can come as a lump sum; it can be broken down in one large initial payment and smaller monthly payments or just consist of small monthly payments. This brings us to a very important point – some insurance will not pay out your orthodontic maximum but will pay only small monthly amounts of $50 or so. Details of your coverage will be disclosed during the pre-approval process.

If your Invisalign is covered by insurance your out-of-pocket Invisalign cost will be reduced by the amount expected to be paid by your dental plan.

Other Conditions: There are still a number of conditions that may affect your Invisalign cost with insurance, i.e. if you change your job in the middle of your treatment and new insurance does not cover Invisalign; your employer may change insurance policy in the new year while you are still being treated. Our treatment coordinator will discuss the details with you and provide you with assistance in light of such circumstances.

Cigna Insurance Invisalign/Orthodontic Coverage:


Cigna Orthodontic coverage details

Guardian Plan That Does Not Cover Orthodontic Treatment:


Guardian Orthodontic coverage details


Guardian Plan That Covers Invisalign:


guardian dental insurance Invisalign coverage

How Much Does Invisalign Cost With Insurance?

If you have dental insurance with ortho coverage, your insurance may partially cover Invisalign cost. If you are interested in proceeding with treatment, after your pre-orthodontic consultation with Dr. Ahn we will submit pre-approval to find out about your Insurance coverage for Invisalign.

It typically takes 2-3 weeks to get pre-approval back from your insurance. Once we receive it we will discuss with you the following: will dental insurance pay for Invisalign, how much will it pay, how will it pay, what will be your Invisalign cost with insurance. We will also go over payment options available to our patients to cover the out-of-pocket cost, like utilizing Flexible or Health Savings Account (FSA/HSA), interest-free financing options through CareCredit or in-office payment plan, as well as Lending point Invisalign financing.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost Without Insurance?

If you have no dental insurance or your dental insurance does not cover Invisalign your cost for Full Invisalign with 209 NYC Dental will be $6,395. We offer various options to make Invisalign affordable to all our patients. See our Invisalign Special above.

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Benefits of Invisalign vs Braces


The main reason why many Manhattan patients choose Invisalign over metal braces or even ceramic clear braces is that they are practically invisible! No more humiliation because you decided to wear braces after you turned 21.


We all are aware of the fact that the traditional braces are on until the whole process is over. What does this mean for your smile after that quinoa bowl you had for lunch or that chocolate bar you inhaled for a snack? Well, there is a lot of cleaning to do before you can go back to your office. Food particles easily become lodged around and in between metal brackets; this makes the cleaning process more difficult for the patient and brings an unwanted build-up of plaque. To eat, brush and floss when you wear clear trays a patient must remove them to ensure that oral hygiene is not affected by braces. Another hailed benefit of having removable aligners is the ability to eat whatever you want. No exceptions!


Metal braces are not only the reason behind many emergencies from a poking wire or broken bracket but these kinds of braces are also uncomfortable. Having metal continually rubbing up against the side of your mouth can produce irritation, discomfort, and sometimes even open sores. Invisalign trays have a smooth plastic surface that produces no discomfort to the mouth lining.


The emission of toxins in the mouth from metal braces has long provided confusion to various health professionals. However, Align Technology presented a solution to the whole issue with their BPA-free plastic liners, free of any harmful toxins.

Visible Results in Weeks

Results are starting to be visible within weeks of the treatment. Being able to remove the trays and see what teeth are starting to look like is inspiring to someone who has never before had straight teeth.

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Cons of Invisalign


Wearing removable aligners requires the patient’s compliance. Just like any orthodontic treatment, to get desired results braces must be worn! Aligners must be worn 22 hours a day regularly. If you don’t follow this rule, the treatment may have to be extended until the result is achieved.

Eating with Invisalign

As discussed above, the aligners must be removed before eating or drinking anything apart from water.

Frequent Teeth Cleaning

Gentle brushing and flossing must be done after eating any food. While this may feel like an inconvenience at first, many patients have seen an unanticipated benefit of better oral hygiene and whiter teeth during treatment because of the frequent teeth brushing. Additionally, some patients reported weight loss as they tend not to snack to avoid the trouble of removing trays and frequent teeth brushing.

Is Invisalign Worth It?

Invisalign journey is a lengthy process that requires consistency and dedication. Is it worth undergoing it?

Look in the mirror, the answer is in your reflection. Will a straight beautiful smile make you more confident when you talk to your colleagues, or maybe next time you take a selfie you will not need to strategically position yourself to hide your teeth? You can look at the Invisalign reviews, before and after pictures but ultimately the answer lies with you.

Hear From Our Patients
Rated 5 out of 5
May 13, 2019

Dr. Ahn is a very experienced professional, extremely dedicated and patient. He was always available and supportive. I highly recommend Dr. Ahn for Invisalign braces.


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What Are Invisalign Braces?

Invisalign Braces are clear aligners custom designed to perform tooth movements. They are trademarked and manufactured by Align Technology, a pioneer in research and development in invisible braces.

Invisalign vs Braces

As we mentioned before, in the hands of experienced and skilled doctor any adult patient willing to comply can achieve the same beautiful smile with Invisalign as they would with traditional braces. Thus, as we compare the two types of orthodontic treatments we would like to point out the positive and negative effects of each type on the patient’s daily routine. These daily concerns often will determine the choice.

Who Is a Candidate for Invisalign?

Align Technology spends millions of dollars on research and development to find new techniques to improve the process, results, comfortable experience. In addition, they look for ways to grow the number of patients who can qualify for Invisalign treatment. Dr. Ahn is highly skilled in achieving excellent results with these aligners. There are very few cases, the majority of whom are kids with not established dentition, who are not candidates for this type of orthodontic treatment.

Following malocclusion problems can be addressed with clear aligners:

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How Long Does Invisalign Take To Straighten Teeth?

Each treatment is customized to the needs of the patient. Thus treatment time can last on average 6-12 months. In some complicated cases, the treatment may last up to two years.

There are several factors affecting the length of the treatment:

  • Teeth positioning
  • Patient’s goals and desires
  • Patient’s compliance & diligence in wearing clear aligners

There are several treatment options to treat malocclusion with clear aligners from Full treatment to Invisalign Express.

Full: it provides a complete transformation of one’s smile. It includes unlimited trays and refinements. Our New York City Invisalign office offers a Special on the Full treatment.

Lite: a shorter treatment meant for limited movement (up to 14 aligners).

Express 10: a less involved treatment (up to 10 trays). Often suggested as an initial treatment prior to other dental procedures, like implants or veneers.

Express 5 (up to 5 trays), Invisalign i7 (up to 7 trays): designed for sight crowding or spacing.

If you are interested to learn about Invisalign Express NYC or Full Treatment cost or looking for affordable payments option check out our specials and 209 NYC Invisalign Cost.

Invisalign Process, Step by Step:

Below are the answers to the common questions that come up during the braces consultation or the treatment. We have listed them in the order of treatment so you can understand a step by step process.

On your second visit or during your braces consultation, our doctor will take your before photos, and plan out the treatment plan, and the duration of your treatment.

You will receive your first set of trays two to three weeks later.

what to expect when getting invisalign

How Does Invisalign Work?

Every set of the Invisalign Aligners, also known as trays, are custom made. They are virtually invisible and fit snugly over your teeth. Each set of trays shifts your teeth slightly; they move your teeth horizontally and vertically and even rotate them when needed. Your aligners are well designed to use the right amount of force in the right place at the right time.

When you switch to the next set of aligners (usually every week), your teeth slowly start to move into the new position. Almost right away you should be able to see improvement in your smile.

What Are Invisalign Attachments Made Of?

In some cases, the doctor may place Invisalign attachments or Invisalign buttons on your teeth to facilitate the proper movement. They are made out of the same material as dental bonding, tooth-colored composite. They will be removed once they are no longer needed.

How Often Do You Have To Visit the Dentist With Invisalign?

Years of experience have proven that there is no need to come in more frequently than every eight to ten weeks. However, if you have questions, you can always call the office and talk either to the doctor or his treatment coordinator, who is very knowledgeable.

Invisalign at Home

Invisalign treatment is not an at-home treatment. The patient has to come to the office for scans and periodic visits. However, periodic visits are very quick and infrequent. If you are out of the country or have another reason why you cannot make it to the office we can mail you your trays.

Invisalign Refinements

Often after major movement is achieved the doctor will advise to scan you for refinements. Refinements are necessary to fine-tune the alignment of the teeth and the new bite. As for the patient, the process is not any different than before. The patient will continue with the new set of trays as before, changing them every five to seven days and visiting our Invisalign Manhattan doctor eight to ten weeks.

Invisalign Transfer Case, and How Do I Avoid Becoming One?

There are two reasons why someone may become a transfer case:

  1. The patient is moving away, and no longer can commute to the treating provider.
  2. A treating doctor is unable to complete the treatment, and the patient needs to see another provider to complete the case.

We are proud to say that Dr. Ahn is a skilled clinician in clear braces. His completion rate with beautiful results is 100%. Every year Align Technology conducts a contest among all providers. Out of thousands of participants, Dr. Ahn was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2017 Invisalign Summit.

209 NYC Dental is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan and open 7 days a week, providing our patients with additional flexibility when scheduling when booking Invisalign appointments in NYC. With over 20 years of experience, we have expanded into a multi-specialty practice with the ability to aid you with any dental issue, all in one location. See for yourself his amazing results in our before and after gallery and book your Invisalign Braces Consultation!

Taking Care of Your New Smile With Invisalign Retainers

When your treatment is complete, just like with any orthodontic treatment it is strongly recommended to wear retainers after Invisalign. Often patients refer to them as Invisalign retainers, however, there are different options for retainers. The retainers look the same as the invisible aligner, but the materials used to manufacture them are different.

Some offices may offer inexpensive retainers that are made out of soft acrylic. They are an affordable option but not long-lasting.

In our Manhattan office, we offer top of the line Vivera Retainers, these are manufactured by Align Technology. They are made out of more durable material. Average New York City price of Vivera retainers is $500 – $800. 209 NYC Dental is able to offer them as a part of the Full Invisalign Special to our Midtown East Invisalign patients.   

How To Clean Invisalign Retainers?

Rinse your aligners every night with lukewarm water and brush them with your toothpaste and toothbrush.

Invisalign NYC

Nowadays, having an invisible braces is the norm. Many adult and teen patients opt for invisible aligners to straighten teeth vs conventional braces or metal braces.  With ever-growing competition among invisible braces, it is getting harder to compare treatment options available to the patients.

You can learn more about clear braces or Invisalign alternative by browsing our website or talking to our doctor during your Invisalign Braces consultation. The information you find here will answer all the questions you may have about Invisalign treatment.

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Author: Dr. Benjamin Ahn

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Meet Dr. Benjamin Ahn, a top-rated general, and cosmetic dentist and one of the best Invisalign dentist practicing at 209 NYC Dental, a multi-specialty dental practice in Midtown East Manhattan.


I've been going to 209 dental for years. I now live in Long Island and still make the trip out for my appointments. Dr's Ahn and Kafko are very caring individuals. Best dental experience ever!
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I've been going to 209 dental for years. I now live in Long Island and still make the trip out for my appointments. Dr's Ahn and Kafko are very caring individuals. Best dental experience ever!
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