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Invisalign Braces NYC

Located in Midtown East, 209 NYC Dental and Dr. Ahn has provided New York City patients with amazing results achieved by Invisalign braces.
Find out everything you need to know from deciding who is the Best Invisalign NYC provider for you to getting a confident new smile; you’ll learn what to expect every step of the way and get to see tons of amazing Invisalign before and after photos.


Platinum Invisalign Provider NYC

Dr. Ben (Sang-Hoon) Ahn is a VIP Platinum Invisalign Provider, practicing Invisalign braces in New York City for 15 years.

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Invisalign Manhattan

Free Invisalign consultation for New York patients with VIP Elite Invisalign Provider

Selecting Invisalign braces treatment is a crucial dental and financial decision, so it is critical that you consult the best doctor for you. 209 NYC dental offers free Invisalign consultation to our New York City patients. At your first consultation, our doctor will discuss your requirements and will figure out whether Invisalign braces are right for you. Dr. Ahn is highly skilled in achieving excellent results with Invisalign braces. There are very few cases, the majority of whom are kids with not established dentition, who are not candidates for Invisalign braces. During your Free Invisalign Braces consultation, he will use the latest iTero 3D digital scanning system to develop fast, and precise 3D digital impression of your teeth. After the scan is completed, the simulation of your before and after Invisalign results is available right away for you to see. (With older iTero machines to get the simulation of Invisalign results, the scan is sent to Invisalign and then sent back to the office in 15-20 minutes.)

I have been going to this practice for many years now. I have seen a few different dentists here and they are all terrific. The staff is helpful, friendly and on top of things. The office is very nice, recently remodeled. They do a great job. I am now doing Invisalign there and it’s going great. I highly recommend this office if you are looking for excellent care and a nice, clean office with up to date equipment.

– Lisa A

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Who is not a candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign spends millions of dollars every year on research and development implementing newer techniques every year to improve the treatment process, results and reducing the list of patients who used to not qualify for Invisalign Braces.
Following malocclusion problems can be addressed with Invisalign:

  • Overbite
  • Crowding
  • Gaps and spaces
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite

Please see out Invisalign before and after photos.


Your custom Invisalign plan

On your second visit, our doctor will take your before photos and map out an exact treatment plan, consisting of the exact movements of your teeth and the duration of your treatment.

Your Invisalign NYC braces are made especially for you. The Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible and fit snugly over your teeth. Each set of Invisalign aligner shifts your teeth slightly; they move your teeth horizontally and vertically and even rotate them when needed. Your aligners are well designed to use the right amount of force in the right place at the right time. When you switch to the next set of aligners (usually every week), your teeth slowly start to move into the new position, following the best Invisalign treatment plan created by 209 NYC Invisalign provider, Dr. Ahn.
Almost right away you should be able to see improvement in your smile.

How long do you wear each set of aligners?

209 NYC Invisalign patients wear each set of aligners five to seven days.

How often are check-ups?

Years of experience have proven that there is no need to come in more frequently than every six weeks. However, if you have questions, you can always call the office and talk either to Dr. Ahn or his Invisalign treatment coordinator Myra, who is very knowledgeable in the process and an Invisalign patient herself.

How long is Invisalign treatment?

Each Invisalign treatment is customized to the needs of the patient. Thus it can last on average 6-12 months.

What factors determine the length of Invisalign treatment?

  • Teeth positioning
  • Patient’s compliance & diligence in wearing Invisalign trays

Taking care of your new smile

When your treatment is complete, it is strongly recommended to wear retainers. There are different options for retainers. The retainer looks the same as Invisalign aligner, but the materials that can be used to manufacture it are different. Some Invisalign locations may offer inexpensive retainers that are made out of soft acrylic. They are an affordable option but not long-lasting. At 209 NYC Dental, as part of our Invisalign Special, we offer top of the line Vivera Retainers, these are manufactured by Invisalign. Typically you can expect to pay $500 – $700 for a set of upper & lower retainers for Invisalign in New York City.

Invisalign Pros and Cons: PROS

The main reason behind why many Manhattan patients choose Invisalign braces over old metal braces is because the Invisalign braces are practically invisible! No more humiliation because you decided to wear braces at the age 37. One of the biggest advantages of Invisalign is a way to perfect your smile without any embarrassment of the traditional braces.

We all are aware of the fact that the traditional braces are on until the whole process is over. What does this mean for your smile after that quinoa bowl you had for lunch or that chocolate bar you inhaled for a snack? Well, there is a lot of cleaning to do before you can go back to your office. Food particles easily become lodged around and in between metal brackets; this makes the cleaning process more difficult for the patient and brings an unwanted build-up of plaque. To eat, brush and floss when you wear Invisalign braces a patient must remove Invisalign trays to ensure that oral hygiene is not affected by braces. Another hailed benefit of having removable aligners is the ability to eat whatever you want. No exceptions!

The old traditional metallic braces not only the reasons behind many emergencies from a poking wire or broken bracket but these kinds of braces are also uncomfortable. Having metal continually rubbing up against the side of your mouth can produce irritation, discomfort, and sometimes even open sores. Invisalign braces have a smooth plastic surface that produces no discomfort to the mouth lining.

The emission of toxins in the mouth from metal braces has long provided confusion to various health professionals. However, Invisalign presents a solution to the whole issue with BPA-free plastic liners, free of any harmful toxins.

Invisalign Pros and Cons: CONS

Invisalign braces require patient’s compliance. Just like any orthodontic treatment, to get desired results braces must be worn! Invisalign braces must be worn 22 hours a day regularly. If you don’t follow this rule, Invisalign treatment may have to be extended till the result is achieved.

As discussed above, the aligners must be removed before eating or drinking anything apart from water.

Invisalign needs a focused attention to oral hygiene. A gentle brushing and flossing must be done after eating any food.
While this may feel like an inconvenience at first, many patients have seen an unanticipated benefit of better oral hygiene and whiter teeth whitening during Invisalign treatment because of the frequent dental cleaning. Additionally, some patients reported weight loss as they tend not to snack to avoid the trouble of removing the trays and frequent teeth brushing.

Invisalign alternatives

Invisalign is the most commonly known of all the alternatives to traditional wired braces for adults. The custom-made Invisalign aligners are made of proprietary Smart Track material. They’re virtually invisible, so most of your friends won’t even notice you wearing them.
Other alternatives to braces and Invisalign are:

Incognito Braces
Incognito Braces are connected to the lingual side (back) of the teeth. They work virtually in the same manner as traditional braces with the only difference of having wire in the back.

Damon Braces
Damon Braces are also similar to traditional braces, but Damon braces use clear brackets and non-affixed arch wires.

Invisalign dentist vs. orthodontist

Well trained General Dentists and Orthodontists are equally qualified to deliver Invisalign treatment with beautiful, long-lasting and clinically appropriate results. Both general dentists and orthodontist are required to get the same continuing education to be qualified to provide Invisalign treatment. Orthodontists may push regular braces or other types of lesser aligners to lower their overhead since the cost of the Invisalign Aligners is expensive. Though patients may qualify for an Invisalign, they may end up with regular braces under the premise that due to their bite they may not be a candidate for Invisalign braces. Dr. Sang Anh is a general dentist who does Invisalign. He is an Elite VIP Invisalign provider, which means that he finishes hundreds of cases a year.

 How much do Invisalign braces cost in NYC?

An Invisalign treatment may cost anywhere from $5000 and up for patients in Manhattan, New York. The cost of Invisalign treatment depends upon location, the expertise of the Invisalign, the time required to complete the treatment, and complexity of the case.
To find out how much it would cost you to get Invisalign braces schedule a free consultation with 209 NYC Invisalign specialist, Dr. Ahn.
FYI, the cost of Invisalign braces is the same as tradition orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign braces cost in NYC:

New York average: $6,500
We are offering it for $5,750
National average: $5,500

Does insurance cover Invisalign?

If you have dental insurance with the orthodontic coverage, you might be eligible for partial reimbursement from your dental insurance. After your free consultation, we will submit for pre-approval to your insurance company if you are interested in proceeding with treatment. It typically takes 2-3 weeks to get pre-approval back from your insurance.
We offer several payment options for Invisalign patients like utilizing Flexible or Health savings account, interest-free financing through Care Credit or in-office payment plan.

Is Invisalign safe?

Invisalign treatments are 100 % safe when treated by a skilled Invisalign provider. Patients do not have to deal with metal wires, rubber bands, or other sometimes uncomfortable orthodontic treatments. Invisalign is proven to work, which is why so many people are moving towards this type of orthodontic treatment.

Will Invisalign hurt?

One of the greatest advantages of Invisalign braces is that they are nearly painless. It is essential for people who do not want to deal with the pain and headaches that accompany traditional orthodontics. In fact, the patient does not have to worry about gum irritation either. The trays are easy to slip in and out, and they do not cause any discomfort. Even when a patient transitions from one set of aligners to the next, discomfort remains minimal. That is why patients love Invisalign.

When will I see the results of Invisalign treatment?

Results are starting to be visible within weeks of the treatment. This is another chief advantage of clear aligners: patients can easily observe the progress of the Invisalign treatment. Being able to remove the trays and see what teeth are starting to look like is inspiring to someone who has never before had straight teeth.

What is an Invisalign transfer case, and how do I avoid becoming one?

There are two reasons why someone may become an Invisalign transfer case:
The patient is moving away, and no longer can commute to the treating Invisalign provider.
Another reason why a patient may end up being an Invisalign transfer case is when a treating doctor is unable to complete the Invisalign treatment, and the patient needs to see another Invisalign provider to complete the case.


We are proud to say that Dr. Ahn is a skilled clinician in Invisalign braces. His completion rate with beautiful results is 100% Every year Invisalign conducts a contest among all Invisalign providers. Out of thousands of participants, Dr. Ahn was selected as a semi-finalist in 2017 Invisalign Summit.

See for yourself his amazing results in our Invisalign before and after gallery and book a Free Consultation!

What Our Patients Are Saying

With over 1000 reviews from all over the web with an average rating of 4.9 we are proud to be in the Manhattan Dental Elite.

This is a wonderful dental office with very professional and friendly staff and up to date technology. They took me at a very short notice when I needed emergency dental work, they were so nice and accommodating. The office itself is bright and modern, all staff are welcoming! All doctors are absolutely fantastic! The best part is that they have all Dental specialists at that office, so they’ll be able to help you with any dental issue without you leaving the office. I highly recommend 209 NYC Dental!
Masha K


This is the first dental practice I look forward to going to. The front desk staff, hygienists and dentists are some of the friendliest and best in Manhattan. I always look forward to my teeth cleanings and if I need work done, I know I'm in great care. Also, Dr. Ahh did my Invisalign and I've never been more proud to smile!
Erin S.


Oxanna is the absolute best hands down best cleaning ever!!! Dr Wang and Laura are simply amazing! I would never go anywhere else this place is top-of-the-line
Melissa P.


I've been going to 209 dental for years. I now live in Long Island and still make the trip out for my appointments. Dr's Ahn and Kafko are very caring individuals. Best dental experience ever!
Anna G.


The best experience at the dental office. Extremely professional.
Paul M


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